Anglicanism: The Thought and Practice of the Church of England, Illustrated from the Religious Literature of the Seventeenth Century

By Paul Elmer More and Frank Leslie Cross (editors)

An authoritative anthology of texts from 17th-century Anglican authors, illustrating the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England of the age.

ISBN: 9780227172902


First published in 1935, this classic compilation provides a connected account of the theological literature of the Church of England during the 17th Century. Particularly invaluable to scholars and students, it contains a considerable number of passages which have not been printed since the original time of writing.

In addition, since the doctrines of the Church of England have never been defined by the thinking of single theologian like Luther or Calvin, there has been always need to consult a considerable range of writings in order to resolve questions of doctrine and practice. This book brings together just such a range, providing a comprehensive insight into the theology of 17th Century Anglicanism.

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Pages 610

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About the Author

Paul E. More was an outstanding critic and scholar, who dedicated the last 10 years of his life to writing about Christian Apologetics and Humanism.

Frank L. Cross was the founder of the Oxford Patristics Conference and the editor of the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, published in 1957.


Foreword by W. Brown Patterson
Preface by Paul Elmer More
The Spirit of Anglicanism, by Paul Elmer More
Anglicanism in the 17th Century, by Felix Arnott
Editorial Note by Frank Leslie Cross

I. The Anglican Faith
II. The Church
III. Separated Churches
IV. The Bible
V. Standards of Faith
VI. Natural Theology
VII. Revealed Theology
VIII. Soteriology
IX. Eschatology
X. The Christian Ministry
XI. The Sacraments
XII. Baptism and Confirmation
XIII. The Eucharist
XIV. Other Religious Practices
XV. Prayer
XVI. Ethics
XVII. King and State
XVIII. Visitations
XIX. Caroline Piety

Biographies in Outline


Endorsements and Reviews

The publication of this book is an important event as much for literature as it is for theology.
T.S. Eliot

At a time when the integrity of Anglicans is under attack, the re-publication of this collection and accompanying essays is most timely.
Focus – Newspaper for Anglicans in the Diocese of Brisbane, No 379

Perhaps amid today’s contentions about what is or isn’t truly Anglican, Christian, the REAL Episcopalian (in the United States), or the authentically British Anglo-Catholic, there is some benefit from exposing readers to the creative thinkers who originated, elaborated, appreciated, and justified a non-Roman Church of England … The compilers of this anthology did not intend to constitute a summa theologica; rather, this is a body of writings based on broad, English, agreed-upon principles of faith and order. The composite portrait they present is an institution headed towards the future, ever calling for further theological reflection and new developments among future generations.
Joanna Bowen Gillespie, in Journal of Religious History, Vol 35, Issue 3

Its impressive scope and depth make it a fantastic resource. Every page will draw readers in, not just for the ideas themselves, but for the artful prose (and sometimes poetry) in which they are expressed.”….”The authors collected in this volume speak for themselves. Readers who pick it up will hear a strong and clear voice answering the question of “What is Anglicanism?””
James Clark, The North American Anglican, May 2022