Some of our books are published as part of a series of titles. Some of these are linked topically or thematically, other represent multiple works by a particular author. Click on the title to see all books available in that series.

Ethiopic Manuscripts Texts and Studies

The series Ethiopic Manuscripts, Texts, and Studies offers catalogues of the Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging Project, whose purpose it is to digitize and catalogue collections of Ethiopic manuscripts in North America and around the world. Beyond this the series also offers a venue for monographs, revised dissertations, and texts that explore the rich historical, literary, and artistic traditions of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Foundations in New Testament Criticism

Foundations in New Testament Criticism covers the major developments in New Testament interpretation since James Clarke & Co. were founded, at a time of significant developments in the field. Taken together, the volumes provide indispensable introductions to topics such as source, form, historical and literary criticism. Whether concerned about recurring themes such as Christology, narrative or prophecy, or the reconstruction and exegesis of particular texts, readers will find in these titles a thorough grounding in the topic and clear direction for further study.

Library of Ecclesiastical History

The Library of Ecclesiastical History is a series of classic works on Church history and historiography and additionally includes a number of important historical texts. The series ranges from the early Church to the Victorian era, with a strong showing in Reformation Studies.

Library of Theological Translations

The Library of Theological Translations is a series comprising English-language translations of classic writings on theology, including biblical theology and liturgical studies. The emphasis is on works by prominent scholars who have made a major contribution to thei field, including such well-known names as Emil Brunner and Søren Kierkegaard.

St. Bonaventure Trilogy

Douglas Dales' masterful three-part exploration of the life and work of the Franciscan Saint, Bonaventure.

The Emil Brunner Library

The Emil Brunner Library gathers together English translations of key works by the notable 20th-century Swiss theologian. Along with Karl Barth, Brunner was a key proponent of neo-orthodoxy and the dialectical theology movement, and his contributions to Reformed theology in the German-speaking church and further afield are as relevant today as ever. Including sermons, lectures and doctrinal treatises, alongside his towering three-volume Dogmatics, this series captures the full wealth of Brunner’s thought.

The Paul L. Holmer Papers

A posthumous three-volume series of papers, essays and sermons by Paul L. Holmer (1916–2004), the American philospher, theologian and Kierkegaard scholar. They cover not only his writings on Kierkegaard, but also on Wittgenstein, religious language, virtue, liturgy, ministry, and spirituality.