A Guide to Glastonbury’s Temple of the Stars

By K.E. Maltwood

An account of the author’s discovery of prehistoric man-made ground patterns in the Glastonbury area and their zodiacal significance.

ISBN: 9780227678671


In recent years detailed archaeological study has shown that in parts of the world prehistoric man had a far deeper understanding of astronomy than traditional historians were willing to accept. Glastonbury has always been at the heart of legends of chivalry and sanctity dating back for beyond written records, and has long excited the interest of scholars and seers. Yet it was not until the advent of aerial photography that its most dramatic archaeological secrets were revealed. From studying these photographs and comparing them with detailed maps and the evidence of myth, Katherine Maltwood investigates these exciting discoveries and their meanings. In this book, she reveals her discovery of a vast and complex pattern of figures in the contours and landmarks of the area. They form, in fact, a huge land chart of the Zodiac.

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Pages 128

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About the Author

Katherine Maltwood is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She is also the author of King Arthur’s Round Table of the Zodiac, and Itinerary of ‘The Somerset Giants’.


The earth chart of the stars in Somerset

I. The fire sign, Leo
II. The earth sign, Virgo
III. The water sign, Scorpio
IV. The fire sign, Sagittarius
V. The earth sign, Capricornus
VI. The air sign, Aquarius
VII. The water sign, Pisces and Cetus
VIII. The fire sign, Aries
IX. The earth sign, Taurus
X. The Dogs
XI. Argo Navis
XII. The Giant Orion