Sermons on Isaiah’s Prophecy of the Death and Passion of Christ

By John Calvin

The great Reformer’s sermons on Isaiah 53, seen as one of the most important prefigurings of the suffering of Christ for the people of God.

ISBN: 9780227171943


Originally preached as a series, these seven sermons concerning the critical chapters of the Book Isaiah, demonstrate some of Calvin’s most profound thoughts.

Christian theologians from the time of the Early Church have seen Isaiah 53 as the most important prefiguring of the suffering of Christ for the people of God, and Calvin’s sermons bring out the theological significance of this key chapter for Christians. Calvin began to preach on Isaiah in 1556, and to aid with the comprehension of the text, each sermon is preceded by an abridgement of the relevant passage from the 1559 commentary.

The book of Isaiah is one of the three longest books of the Bible and quoted more by Jesus and New Testament prophets than any other Book. It has remained an important and influential text and is as relevant for Christians today as it has been throughout the centuries. Not only does this book illuminate the more difficult elements of the text, but it is done so by one of the greatest Protestant theologians, and is ably translated by T.L.H. Parker.

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The leading Protestant reformer in France, John Calvin deeply influenced Protestantism in all of Europe and North America.



Commentary on Isaiah 52, 13-15
   Sermon I
Commentary on Isaiah 53, 1-3
   Sermon II
Commentary on Isaiah 53, 4-6
   Sermon III
Commentary on Isaiah 53, 7-8
   Sermon IV
Commentary on Isaiah 53, 9-10
   Sermon V
Commentary on Isaiah 53, 11
   Sermon VI
Commentary on Isaiah 53, 12
   Sermon VII

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