Truth That Never Dies: The Dr G.R. Beasley-Murray Memorial Lectures 2002-2012

By Nigel G. Wright (editor)

Lectures and sermons in memory of the Baptist New Testament scholar George R. Beasley-Murray, addressing issues important to evangelical thought and ministry.

ISBN: 9780227174753


The Dr G.R. Beasley-Murray Memorial Lectures were delivered annually between 2002 and 2012 with the aim of extending the legacy of this significant New Testament scholar and church leader into the twenty-first century. Themes addressed include baptism, ministry, preaching, mission, and theological faithfulness. Having first been delivered at the annual Assembly of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the lectures in this volume are now made available to a wider audience and will be of interest to church leaders across the denominations and across the world, and not least to those who stand in Beasley-Murray’s own Baptist tradition. George Beasley-Murray died in 2000.

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About the Author

Dr Nigel G. Wright is Principal Emeritus of Spurgeon’s College where he was Principal from 2000 to 2013. A former President of the Baptist Union, his publications include The Radical Evangelical: Seeking a Place to Stand (1996), Disavowing Constantine: Mission, Church and the Social Order (2000), A Theology of the Dark Side (2003), and Free Church, Free State: The Positive Baptist Vision (2005).



1. Fearless for Truth
     Paul Beasley-Murray
2. “Faith-Baptism”: The Key to an Evangelical Baptismal Sacramentalism
     Anthony R. Cross
3. Preaching the Gospel and Liszt
     Michael J. Quicke
4. New Humanity Church: A Biblical Model for Mission
     Bruce Milne
5. A Missionary Union: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives
     David R. Coffey
6. The Downgrade Controversy: Reflections on a Baptist Earthquake
     Mark Hopkins
7. Catholicity and Confessionalism: Responding to George Beasley-Murray on Unity and Distinctiveness
     John E. Colwell
8. “Living like Maggots”: Is Preaching Still Relevant in the Twenty-First Century?
     Stephen R. Holmes
9. In Praise of Incompetence: Ministerial Formation and the Development of a Rooted Person
     Ruth M.B. Gouldbourne
10. Renewing a Vision for Mission among British Baptists: Historical Perspectives and Theological Reflections
     Brian Stanley
11. Sustaining Evangelical Identity: Faithfulness and Freedom in Denominational Life
     Nigel G. Wright


Endorsements and Reviews

Truth that Never Dies clearly demonstrates that ideas matter, and that the missional life of the people of God is nourished and empowered by the quality of its thinking.
Roger Standing, Principal, Spurgeon’s College, London