This Is the Day That the Lord Has Made: The Liturgical Year in Orthodoxy

By Nicholas Denysenko

A guide to the feasts of the Orthodox Liturgical year.

ISBN: 9780227180006


How do Orthodox Christians celebrate Pascha (Easter) and Christmas? What is the purpose of the blessing of waters? How does the Orthodox liturgical year compare with Western Christianity? Through an analysis of the feasts within the Orthodox Liturgical year, Denysenko explores how rituals, Bible readings and hymns form part of common festivals, such as Lent, Holy Week, Pascha, Christmas, and the feasts of Mary. He also discusses feasts particular to Orthodox Christianity, allowing readers to explore occasions such as the Exaltation of the Cross and the Baptism of Rus’, and discover the importance of domestic traditions like the Vasilopita and the Sviata Vechera (Holy Supper).

Ideal for interested readers at college-level or above, This is the Day that the Lord has Made is an excellent guide for all seeking to understand the significance of Orthodox liturgy.

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About the Author

Nicholas Denysenko is Emil and Elfriede Jochum University Professor and Chair at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana.