Preaching and Congregation

By Jean-Jacques von Allmen

Jean-Jacques von Allmen’s exploration into the action and moment of preaching to encourage clergy to deepen their understanding of their calling.

ISBN: 9780227180280


In Preaching and Congregation, Jean-Jacques von Allmen (1917-1994) explores the possibilities of focussing on the action and moment of preaching, on bridging the gap between the speaker and congregant. von Allmen investigates homiletic considerations, including the place of preaching in the service, and that of the Reformed Church in the ecumenical movement. Within this insightful evaluation of ministry and its practical and spiritual implications, von Allmen offers ministers a view of preaching rooted in experience, scripture and practice.

Comprehensive and insightful, Preaching and Congregation represents von Allmen’s desire to encourage clergy, of any denomination, towards a deeper understanding of the grace and greatness of their callings, and a profound recognition of their responsibilities. First published in 1962, these theses continue to provoke contemplation and provide practical solutions.

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About the Author

Jean-Jacques von Allmen (1917-1994) was Professor of Practical Theology in the University of Neuchâtel, and formerly Pastor of the Reformed Church in Lucerne. Professor von Allmen directed his studies towards the life of the church through its use of the Scriptures and of Preaching. Previous von Allmen books published by James Clarke & Co. include A Companion to the Bible (2023), Worship (2023), Vocabulary of the Bible (2002) and The Lord’s Supper (2003).