Pascal and Kierkegaard: A Study in the Strategy of Evangelism (Volume I)

By Denzil G.M. Patrick

Volume I of a major study in the strategy of Christian evangelism as developed by two major figures, incorporating biographical studies of both its subjects.

ISBN: 9780227172087


A two-volume study in the strategy of Christian evangelism as developed by two of its greatest exponents, set in the framework of biographical studies. Volume I covers the life and thought of Blaise Pascal, while Volume II covers the life and thought of Søren Kierkegaard, each volume standing in their own right as scholarly contributions to the literature of their respective subjects.

Although far separated in time and tradition, Pascal and Kierkegaard both insisted that self-complacent humanity needs first to be disturbed, and then comforted, by the Gospel.

Most of the book is occupied by a thorough review of the lives and works of the two men, in such a way as to ring out their significant place in the spiritual history of modern Europe. But the author’s purpose throughout is not merely biographical. He goes on to compare the conception and execution of their evangelistic tasks in a way which brings out the remarkable consensus between them; and in an epilogue he draws conclusions relating this historical study to the tasks and methods of modern evangelism.

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Dr Denzil Patrick was a Theological Secretary of the British Student Christian Movement, a World’s Student Christian Federation Secretary, a Secretary of the World’s Alliance of YMCAs, and a collaborator of the World Council of Churches.


Biographical Note

Part One: Blaise Pascal
I. The World He Lived In
II. Port-Royal, Saint-Cyran, Jansen
III. The Life of Blaise Pascal: Part I, 1623-1654
IV. The Life of Blaise Pascal: Part II, 1655-1662
V. The Development of Pascal’s Thought
VI. Pascal Prepares for the Apology
VII. The Strategy of the Apology
VIII. The Apology
IX. Pascal’s Significance as a Champion of Christianity

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