The God Who Responds

By H.D. McDonald

An evangelical theologian describes the relationship between God and his Universe, and urges a return to a biblical understanding of a truly personal God.

ISBN: 9780227678923


Touching areas of both apologetics and systematic theology, this is a discussion of the ways in which God related to His world: through prayer, miracles, providence and sovereignty. In the light of both contemporary problems facing the church and lessons from the past, Dr MacDonald addresses questions such as:

  • Can God truly answer prayer if the ‘answer’ is already in existence?
  • Do miracles really happen?
  • Why is there evil if the Creator of the universe is good?
  • Do some things really happen only ‘by chance’?

The author exhorts the church to return to a biblical understanding of God as a truly personal being and to resist the Eastern view of an impersonal, uncaring deity which is sweeping the West today.

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About the Author

Dr H.D. McDonald BA, BD, PhD, DD is one of Britain’s foremost evangelical theologians. He was born in Dublin and received formal theological training at the University of London. Until his retirement he was vice-principal of the London Bible College, and visiting professor at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical School and Regent College. He and his wife live in Sussex.



1. God as Person
2. Creation in Historical Perspective
3. Creation in Contemporary Thought
4. Providence
5. Miracles
6. The Problems of Prayer
7. The Language of Prayer
8. Natural Evil
9. Moral Evil and the Constitution of Nature
10. Moral Evil and Human Freedom