The English Connection: The Puritan Roots of Seventh-Day Adventist Belief (2nd Edition)

By Bryan W. Ball

A guide to how 17th-century Puritan theology doctrines influenced the development of Seventh-Day Adventism.

ISBN: 9780227174456


Seventeenth-century England was a confused world of conflicting religious thought, made more complex by the tumultuous events of the English Civil Wars and the Interregnum under Oliver Cromwell. Puritanism, a thoroughly Protestant off shoot of the Reformation in England, was to take centre stage in these years, coming to prominence as a direct result of the conflict that would see the execution of an English king. It is argued in The English Connection that Seventh-day Adventism, established over two centuries later in nineteenth-century America, can trace its roots back to this distinct form of seventeenth-century English Puritanism.

Dr Ball explores the connection between Puritanism and Seventh-day Adventism by examining doctrinal tenets adopted in England, such as Gospel obedience and the sufficiency of Scripture. In this way, he dexterously proves the continuity and cohesion of Puritan ideas from their growth in the early-modern world to the thriving present-day community of Seventh-day Adventists.

This book will appeal to those with an academic or general interest in English Puritanism and seventeenth-century England, as well as to all practising Adventists and members of the wider Christian community intrigued by the relationship between contemporary Christian thought and traditional Puritan doctrine.

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About the Author

Bryan W. Ball is a retired academic, church administrator and the author of numerous books. He holds a PhD from the University of London and has contributed to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and the Encyclopaedia of World Faiths.


Foreword to the Second Edition


1. The Sufficiency of Scripture
2. This Incomparable Jesus
3. The Lord our Righteousness
4. The New Man
5. Believer’s Baptism
6. A High Priest in Heaven
7. Gospel Obedience
8. The Seventh-Day Sabbath
9. The Whole Man
10. The Return of Christ
11. That Great Almanack of Prophecy
12. The World to Come


Index of Biblical References
Index of Names
General Index


Endorsements and Reviews

Ball follows an exemplarily systematic procedure, examining in turn twelve cardinal theological issues as these were presented by a variety of English Puritan writers. Everywhere, he displays a subtlety of judgement in the choice of his abundant quotations, and a skill in weaving them into a well argued case.
Bryan R. Wilson, former Fellow of All Souls College, University of Oxford

Like a master theological excavator, Dr Ball has unearthed long forgotten theological ideas of our Puritan forbears. What an incredible treasure he has unearthed for us! … Ball analyzes and explains English Puritan theological thought, mainly in the seventeenth century, through an abundant use of a variety of Puritan writers. He shows a great command of his sources and weaves a very compelling case for a Puritan theology deeply rooted in Scripture. … this book is valuable and well worth the read.
Trevor O’Reggio, in Andrews University Seminary Studies, Vol 53, No 2

Ball accomplishes what few have been able to do. He covers a vast range of material and offers an alternative reading of Puritanism that bears relevance for an indigenous American Christianity, a reading that is eminently accesible, well-resourced, and relevant for the scholar and student alike.
Erik C. Carter, in Anglican & Episcopal History, Vol 85, No 1