The Doctrine of Faith in the Reign of Henry VIII

By D.B. Knox

An examination of how the early English Reformers understood the doctrine of justification by faith, including a survey of the history of English Reformation theology throughout this important formative period.

ISBN: 9780227674444


The doctrine of Justification was the root of the Reformation. It is the doctrine which, as Luther himself acknowledged, is “the master and chief, lord, ruler and judge, of every kind of doctrine, and one of which preserves and directs every doctrine of the church”.

This book is an examination of the doctrine of justification by faith in the writings of the English Reformers during the formative period of the English Reformation. Because of the centrality of the article of Justification, such an examination involves the review of related doctrines, and in fact is a survey of history of English Reformed theology during this important period.

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David Broughton Knox was Principal at Moore Theological College, Sydney.



I. William Tyndale
II. The Writings of English Reformers Contemporary with Tyndale
III. English Precursors of the Reformation Doctrine of Justification by Faith Only
IV. Early Opposition
V. Acceptance of the Doctrine by the Church of England
VI. Consolidation, 1534-1540
VII. Renewed Controversy, 1540-1546
VIII. The New Reign