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Way Back To God:

The Spiritual Theology of Saint Bonaventure

By Douglas Dales

Way Back To God

Way Back To God:

The Spiritual Theology of Saint Bonaventure

By Douglas Dales

A comprehensive introduction to the theological thought of Saint Bonaventure, from its scriptural roots to its application to the spiritual life.

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ISBN: 9780227176931

Specifications: 234x156mm (9.21x6.14in), 240pp

Published: April 2019


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ISBN: 9780227176948

Specifications: 234x156mm (9.21x6.14in), 240pp

Published: October 2019


ePub eBook

ISBN: 9780227906866

Published: April 2019

Kindle eBook

ISBN: 9780227906873

Published: April 2019

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ISBN: 9780227906859

Specifications: 242pp

Published: April 2019

Bonaventure was a great pastor and preacher, and also a very effective teacher. His writing shows clarity and conviction, and his authority arose from his profound grasp of Scripture and patristic monastic tradition. The force behind how he wrote sprang from his keen sense of the significance of Francis and Clare and all that flowed from them, not least into his own spiritual life and experience as a person of deep contemplative and mystical prayer.

Way Back to God is a comprehensive conspectus and study of how Bonaventure taught Christian theology and applied it to spiritual life. It is intended to be a guide through most of his writings (though not as a substitute for reading them). It provides a bridge into his thought, and also a remarkable hand-book of Christian theology in its bearing upon spiritual life. Douglas Dales' new work enables Bonaventure's distinctive spiritual theology to be seen as a whole, as well as making his writings, in Latin or English, accessible and attractive.


1. Introduction
2. St Francis
3. Poverty
4. Itinerarium – 1
5. Itinerarium – 2
6. Life in Christ – 1
7. Life in Christ – 2
8. The Word of God
9. Faith and Understanding
10. Breviloquium – 1
11. Breviloquium – 2
12. Breviloquium – 3
13. The Holy Spirit – 1
14. The Holy Spirit – 2
15. St Bonaventure

Biblical Index
Index of Names and Subjects

Douglas Dales was from 1984 to 2012 Chaplain of Marlborough College, Wiltshire, and he is now a parish priest in the diocese of Oxford. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and the author of several studies in Anglo-Saxon church history and other areas of theology. Among his books published with James Clarke and Co Ltd are: Light to the Isles: Mission and Theology in Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Britain (2010), Alcuin: His Life and Legacy (2012), Alcuin: Theology and Thought (2013), Dunstan: Saint and Statesman (2013) and Divine Remaking: St Bonaventure and the Gospel of Luke (2017).

Accessing Alcuin
Accessing Alcuin
By Douglas Dales
Alcuin (Bk 1)
By Douglas Dales
Alcuin (Bk 2)
By Douglas Dales
Divine Remaking
Divine Remaking
By Douglas Dales
By Douglas Dales
Light to the Isles
Light to the Isles
By Douglas Dales

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