Worship, Its Theology and Practice

By Jean-Jacques von Allmen

A broader framework of a doctrine of worship is established, with deeper participation and obedience to Jesus Christ at its core.

ISBN: 9780227179598


In Worship, Its Theology and Practice, Jean-Jacques von Allmen establishes the broader framework of a doctrine of worship, to then see how it can be applied in practice. The book’s two parts, ‘Problems of Principle’ and ‘Problems of Celebration’ allows for a holistic approach to worship in all its forms. Covering a wide range of liturgical study, von Allmen places regular Sunday worship in its historical and theological context, affirming its nature as the ‘recapitulation of the history of salvation’ and a sacred sign of Christ’s presence, while fully acknowledging its practical role in building the Church. At its core, Worship, Its Theology and Practice envisions an experience of worship with deeper participation and simple obedience to Jesus Christ.

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About the Author

Professor Jean-Jacques von Allmen (1917-1994) was Professor of Practical Theology in the University of Neuchâtel, and was formerly Pastor of the Reformed Church in Lucerne. Professor von Allmen directed his studies towards the life of the church through its use of the Scriptures and of Preaching. Published alongside this book is A Companion to the Bible. Previous von Allmen books published by James Clarke & Co. include Vocabulary of the Bible (2002) and The Lord’s Supper (2003).