Trinitarian Doxology: T.F. and J.B. Torrance’s Theology of Worship as Participation by the Spirit in the Son’s Communion with the Father

By Kevin J. Navarro

Returning Christ and the Trinity to the centre of worship, following the thought of T.F. and J.B. Torrance.

ISBN: 9780227178010


Liturgical theology tends towards the anthropocentric, focussing primarily on the behaviour of the worshippers. The theology of Thomas F. and James B. Torrance, however, provides an alternative approach: a Trinitarian and Christocentric study of liturgy, which decentralises the worshippers’ position in liturgy and focusses instead on Christ, the One who is worshipped. In Trinitarian Doxology, Kevin J. Navarro examines the Torrances’ theology, explicating and illuminating their work, whilst simultaneously providing critical analysis which provides a lens for deeper understanding.

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About the Author

Kevin J. Navarro (PhD, University of Manchester) serves with Imago Christi and their mission agency, Novo Mission Inc. (formerly CRM Empowering Leaders). He is the author of The Complete Worship Leader (2001) and The Complete Worship Service (2005).


Foreword by Thomas A. Noble

Introduction: The Doxological Theology of T.F. and J.B. Torrance

1. The Biographical Background of T.F. and J.B. Torrance
2. Unitarian or Trinitarian Worship?
3. The Trinitarian Faith and Worship
4. The Mediation of Christ
5. The Place of Jesus Christ in Liturgical Prayer and Worship
6. Thomas F. Torrance and Preaching
7. The Sacraments of Incorporation and Renewal




Endorsements and Reviews

If you think theology is irrelevant to the lived life of Christian worship, think again! In this book, Kevin Navarro explains with care and clarity the powerful difference one’s thinking about Jesus and God makes to the understanding and practice of prayer and worship.
Robin A. Parry, author of Worshipping Trinity: Coming Back to the Heart of Worship

A thoroughly informed, articulate, and well-documented exposition of and engagement with the theology and practice of Christian worship as understood and propounded by Thomas F. and James B. Torrance. … An indispensable resource for anyone who believes that Christian worship needs to be continually renewed by returning to the breadth and depth of the gospel of the Triune God revealed in Jesus Christ according to his word and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
Gary W. Deddo, President, Grace Communion Seminar

Too much Christian worship showcases our own feelings and performance rather than Christ, the perfect Worship Leader. Pastor and musician Kevin Navarro finds a vibrant counterpoint in T.F. and J.B. Torrance’s theology of worship. An informative, judicious, and ultimately worship-inspiring study!
Jerome van Kuiken, Dean, School of Ministry and Christian Thought, Oklahoma Wesleyan University