The Oracles of God: An Introduction to the Preaching of John Calvin

By T.H.L. Parker

An introduction to Calvin’s preaching, showing the influence of an earlier tradition, and how his sermons influenced later preachers.

ISBN: 9780227170922


An introduction to the preaching of John Calvin, showing how his preaching style developed out of the medieval tradition of preaching. The book covers Calvin’s general theological rationale for preaching, his practice of preaching in Geneva, the progress of his preaching and the method and message of the sermons and their form and style.

The author shows how his sermons and style influenced those of later preachers, particularly in the English language.

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About the Author

T.H.L. Parker has written extensively on Calvin, his theology and his preaching. His other books include: Calvin’s New Testament Commentaries (1971), John Calvin (1975), Calvin’s Old Testament Commentaries (1986) and Calvin’s Preaching (1992).


Abbreviations and Corrigenda

1. Preaching Before Calvin
2. Calvin as Preacher
3. The Doctrine of Preaching
4. Ars Praedicandi
5. Calvin’s Gospel
6. Calvin’s Influence on English Preaching
7. A Recall to Fundamentals

1. Specimen Sermon by Calvin on Luke 2:9-14
2. Chronological Chart of Calvin’s Preaching
3. Manuscript Sermons in Geneva
4. Sermons in Corpus Reformatorum
5. Early French Editions
6. English Translations