Luther’s Meditation on the Gospels

By Roland H. Bainton (editor and translator)

A presentation of some of Martin Luther’s most timeless and resonant sermons and lectures.

ISBN: 9780227179628


‘Can the bones of Luther’s sermons live again?’ In Luther’s Meditation on the Gospels, Roland H. Bainton presents some of Luther’s most timeless and resonant sermons and lectures, arranged in order of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life. From the beginning of his ministry to the crucifixion and resurrection, Luther’s insight into a wide range of key passages is displayed. Bainton’s careful selections of excerpts ensures that Luther’s marvel at God’s love, his belief in salvation through divine grace and human faith, and more, remains effervescent.

Bainton provides an illuminating introduction, placing the texts in their historical context and explaining the technicalities of translation. Also included are numerous woodcuts from the 1562 edition of Luther’s Bible, further enriching our appreciation of the reformer’s thought. Sixty years on from its original publication, Luther’s Meditation on the Gospels remains a valuable contribution to Reformation studies.

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About the Author

Martin Luther (1483-1546) was a German priest and theologian whose revolt against Church practices sparked the Reformation. He is regarded as the primary founder of Protestant Christianity, and as one of the pivotal figures of Western civilisation.
Roland H. Bainton (1894-1984) was Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Yale University from 1936 to 1962. He dedicated much of his academic career to studying the Reformation. His most popular books was Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther (1950), which sold more than a million copies.



1 The Coming of the Redeemer
2 Beginnings of the Ministry
3 The Sermon on the Mount
4 The Miracles and the Parables
5 The Journey to Jerusalem and Holy Week
6 The Lord’s Supper
7 Arrest and Trial
8 The Crucifixion
9 The Resurrection



Endorsements and Reviews

Luther’s Meditations on the Gospels, edited and translated by Ronald H. Bainton, is not only a theologically rich expositional book on the Gospels but also an invaluable work in Reformation studies. This volume clearly shows the brilliant theological insights of the German reformer. Bainton’s exceptional editorial work and the inclusion of woodcut illustrations give readers an enjoyable reading experience through the Gospels. Marc Daniel Rivera In Kristiya Know, 2024