Jesus Monotheism: Volume I: Christological Origins: The Emerging Consensus and Beyond

By Crispin Fletcher-Louis

Volume I of a work on the Christological beliefs of the first Christians, in which a monotheistic view of Jesus’s divinity is traced back to early Jewish roots.

ISBN: 9780227175781


This is the first of a four-volume ground-breaking study of Christological origins. The fruit of twenty years’ research, Jesus Monotheism lays out a new paradigm that goes beyond the now widely held view that Paul and others held to an unprecedented “Christological monotheism”. There was already, in Second Temple Judaism and in the Bible, a kind of “christological monotheism”. But it is first with Jesus and his followers that a human figure is included in the identity of the one God as a fully divine person. Volume I lays out the arguments of an emerging consensus, championed by Larry Hurtado and Richard Bauckham, that from its Jewish beginnings the Christian community had a high Christology and worshipped Jesus as a divine figure. New data is put forward to support that case. But there are weaknesses in the emerging consensus. For example, it underplays the incarnation and does not convincingly explain what causes the earliest Christology. The recent study of Adam traditions, the findings of Enoch literature specialists, and of those who have explored a Jewish and Christian debt to Greco-Roman Ruler Cult traditions, all point towards a fresh approach to both the origins and shape of the earliest divine Christology.

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About the Author

Crispin Fletcher-Louis (DPhil, Oxford) is the Director of Whymanity Research and Training. He has held posts at King’s College London, and the universities of Durham and Nottingham. He was the founder of Westminster Theological Centre, where he served as the Principal until 2012.

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Part 1
1. Christological Origins: An Introduction to a New Emerging Consensus
2. Unconvincing Objections and Fresh Support for the Emerging Consensus

Part 2
3. The Shape of NT Christology: Questions and Problematic Arguments
4. The Origins of NT Christology. Questions and Problematic Arguments

Excursus A: Theological Problems Posed by the Emerging Consensus

Part 3
5. The Similitudes of Enoch and a Jewish “Divine” Messiah
6. The King, the Messiah, and the Ruler Cult
7. A “Divine” and Glorious Adam Worshipped in Pre-Christian Judaism?

Excursus B: On the Absolute Distinction between Creator and Creation

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Endorsements and Reviews

… this clear, even gripping account will surely precipitate further discussion, and I eagerly anticipate the succeeding volumes.
John R.L. Moxon, in Journal for the Study of The New Testament: Booklist 2017, Vol 39, No 5