Holy Spirit and Christian Ethics in the Theology of Klaus Bockmuehl

By Annette M. Glaw

A comprehensive study of the theology of the German theologian Klaus Bockmuehl and his understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit in Christian ethical life.

ISBN: 9780227174524


Klaus Bockmuehl (1931-89), former Professor for Systematic Theology at Regent College, Vancouver, published several outstanding theological ethical works. The questions that Bockmuehl explored have not lost their relevance: How do we know what God’s will is in a particular situation? Is Scripture sufficient for ethical decisions or should we listen to God? Does God even speak today? Is there a distinctive Christian ethic? Bockmuehl’s central contribution can be found in his emphasis on the seminal role the Holy Spirit plays within Christian ethics, not only as the one who realizes the reign of God in the life of the individual but also as the one guiding the individual in a particular situation.

The Holy Spirit and Christian Ethics is the first in-depth study of Bockmuehl, introducing readers to his theology and ethics, including a short biographical overview, delineating and appraising how he understands the role of the Holy Spirit in Christian ethics. Annette Glaw concludes her fascinating study with a proposal for a relational concept of the Holy Spirit as the loving presence of God in Christian ethics.

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About the Author

Annette M. Glaw is an Academic Tutor for the Distance Learning Department at London School of Theology, where she also teaches theological German and leads the Social Justice Group. She translates English/American academic works into German and is presently working as a freelance translator for a German publishing house.


Foreword by Graham McFarlane


Part One: Bockmuehl’s Theological Work
1. Theological and Spiritual Influences on Bockmuehl
2. Bockmuehl’s Main Theological Concerns

Part Two: The Holy Spirit and Christian Ethics in the Theology of Klaus Bockmuehl
3. The Neglect of the Holy Spirit in the History of Christian Ethics and Bockmuehl’s Response
4. Bockmuehl’s Understanding of Christian Ethics

Part Three: A Critical Appraisal of and a Response to Bockmuehl’s Concept of the
     Spirit’s Role in Christian Ethics

5. A Critical Appraisal of Bockmuehl’s Concept of the Holy Spirit and Christian Ethics
6. A Response: Spirit as the Loving Presence of God – Toward a Relational Conceptof the
     Spirit in Christian Ethics


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Endorsements and Reviews

Long have I pondered what it would be to live, as Jesus promised, ‘life in all its fullness’. What Annette Glaw provides here is so much more than an excellent and timely study of Klaus Bockmuehl. What she offers here is the tangible hope of a life lived, utterly transformed by the unconditional love of God, so that all relationships, even with oneself, are the gracious, loving fruit of a beautiful, loving God – an abundant life indeed!
Susan Sainsbury, Mattersey Hall College

This is a fascinating book that tackles key issues of Christian spirituality. It gives practical answers to questions like: how can one live a life empowered by the spirit of God? The answers are developed in a thorough engagement with the work of Klaus Bockmuehl. Annette Glaw presents a profound perspective on the relational work of the Holy Spirit.
Volker Rabens, Friedrich-Schiller University Jena