Accessing Alcuin: A Master Bibliography for Alcuin: His Life and Legacy and Alcuin: Theology and Thought

By Douglas Dales

A comprehensive bibliography of sources and material relating to the 8th-century theologian and statesman Alcuin of York.

ISBN: 9780227901977


Accessing Alcuin enables an excellent multi-disciplinary appreciation of the scholar and theologian, Alcuin, through the manuscript collections and scholarship of medieval history and culture, European Church history and theology.

Douglas Dales has provided an authoritative bibliography that comprehensively incorporates the research material that enabled him to complete his definitive study of Alcuin. In this two-volume study, Alcuin: His Life and Legacy and Alcuin: Theology and Thought (both available from James Clarke and Co Ltd), the author demonstrated that the eighth-century theologian, teacher, and statesman was a seminal influence on his generation and those after him. This bibliography is a reflection of the immense research undertaken to reveal not only the rich panorama of Christian culture during the reign of Charlemagne, which is well supported by primary texts and secondary scholarship of high quality, but also the warm personality of Alcuin.

This culmination of intense study, academic rigour and historical sensitivity will prompt a fresh evaluation and appreciation of the foundations of Christian culture in Europe. Accessing Alcuin is readily accessible as an e-resource for anyone teaching or researching this subject.

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About the Author

Douglas Dales was Chaplain of Marlborough College, Wiltshire, from 1984 to 2012 and is now a parish priest in the diocese of Oxford. He is the author of several studies in Anglo-Saxon church history and other areas of theology, and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He is the author of Alcuin: His Life and Legacy, Alcuin: Theology and Thought, Dunstan: Saint and Statesman, Living Through Dying: The Spiritual Experience of Saint Paul and Light to the Isles: Mission and Theology in Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Britain.



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Endorsements and Reviews

We have not had an up-to-date overview of the copious research of recent decades on Alcuin and on the controversies of his day, or a guide to the way in which his theological writing helped to create a shared doctrinal idiom in Western Europe. … The comprehensive character of [the author’s] reading is evident in a most impressive and helpful bibliography.
Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, from the Foreword to Alcuin: Theology and Thought