You Looked at Me: The Spiritual Testimony of Claudine Moine

By Claudine Moine and Gerard Carroll (translator)

Claudine Moine’s autobiographical account of her spiritual development, translated by Reverend Gerard Carroll.

ISBN: 9780227180334


In You Looked At Me, Claudine Moine writes a profound autobiographical account of her own spiritual development. Impacted by her experiences as a refugee from the Thirty Years’ War, Moine relates a detailed narrative of God’s involvement in her life, comprising times of favour, temptation, transverberation and mystical marriage, and the state of darkness that caused her to cease writing.

Illuminated by the translation and collation of Rev. Gerard Carroll, You Looked At Me is a work of extraordinary spiritual and theological richness, offering insights for spiritual seekers and historical researchers alike. It stands in the company of Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love and The Cloud of Unknowing as a crucial text of historical spirituality.

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About the Author

Rev. Gerard Carroll was a theologian, man of letters, musician and scholar. An Irish Priest, he held degrees from the Lateran University (Rome), Trinity College (Dublin), and London University. He taught and lectured at universities across Europe and America.