Vocabulary of the Bible

By J.J. von Allmen

A major companion to the Bible, presenting the background to the main theological concepts contained within it.

ISBN: 9780227171844


Meticulously researched and compiled by thirty-six leading scholars, Vocabulary of the Bible is a major companion to the Scriptures, presenting in considerable depth the background to the main theological concepts found within the text. This is an essential supplement to the use of any Bible dictionary.

An excellent companion to The Lutterworth Dictionary of the Bible, published by The Lutterworth Press.

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About the Author

Professor Jean-Jacques von Allmen was Professor of Practical Theology in the University of Neuchâtel, and formerly Pastor of the Reformed Church in Lucerne. Born in 1917 in Lausanne, educated at Basle and Neuchâtel, and ordained in 1941, Professor von Allmen directed his studies towards the life of the church as seen in its use of the Scriptures and of Preaching.


Introduction by H.H. Rowley
Preface to the Original Edition


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