Theology and Philosophy in Eastern Orthodoxy: Essays on Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Thought

By Christoph Schneider (editor)

A collection of essays in which Eastern Orthodox scholarship engages with contemporary intellectual debates.

ISBN: 9780227177532


Even in the twenty-first century, critical and creative engagement with modern and postmodern philosophy is a rarity in Orthodox circles. The collection of essays presented here by Christoph Schneider makes a significant contribution to overcoming this deficit. Eight scholars from six different countries, working on the intersection between Orthodox thought and philosophy, present their research in short and accessible form. The topics covered range from political philosophy to phenomenology, metaphysics, philosophy of self, logic, ethics, and philosophy of language.

The authors do not all promote one particular approach to the relationship between Orthodox theology and philosophy. Nevertheless, taken together, their work demonstrates that Orthodox scholarship is not confined to historical research about the Byzantine era, but can contribute to, and enrich, contemporary intellectual debates.

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About the Author

Christoph Schneider is Academic Director and Lecturer in Systematic and Philosophical Theology at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge. His research interests include the relation between Orthodox theology and Continental philosophy, and ecumenical dialogue between Orthodox and Protestant theology. He is the joint-Editor of Divine Essence and Divine Energies: Ecumenical Reflections on the Presence of God in Eastern Orthodoxy (James Clarke, 2013) and of Encounter Between Eastern Orthodoxy and Radical Orthodoxy: Transfiguring the World Through the Word (2009).



Introduction: The Quest for a Christian Philosophy
Christoph Schneider

1. Theocracy, Sobornost’, and Democracy: Reflections on Vladimir Putin’s Philosophers
Evert van der Zweerde
2. The Russian Postsecular
Kristina Stoeckl & Dmitry Uzlaner
3. Orthodoxy and Phenomenology: Religious Experience in the Eastern Christian Tradition
Christina M. Gschwandtner
4. Orthodox Theology and the Inevitability of Metaphysics
David Bentley Hart
5. Orthodox Theology and Philosophy of Self
Sergey S. Horujy
6. Orthodoxy and Logic: The Case of Pavel Florensky’s Theory of Antinomy
Paweł Rojek
7. Orthodoxy, Philosophy, and Ethics
Rico Vitz
8. Orthodoxy and Philosophy of Language
Christoph Schneider


Endorsements and Reviews

Can Orthodox Christianity, while understanding itself as the ancient Christianity of the first millennium, robustly engage contemporary philosophy? This collection of articles by some of the finest Orthodox philosophers working today – proceeding from diverse schools of thought and addressing a variety of issues – eloquently demonstrates that this very rootedness in tradition can facilitate a singularly lucid articulation of contemporary Christian philosophy.
Bruce V. Foltz, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Eckerd College