Spiritual Revolution in the East

By Walter Freytag

A penetrating and original study of the development and place of the Christian Church in the East.

ISBN: 9780227172377


This study of spirituality in the East is the fruitful result of a careful survey of missionary work in New Guinea, Indonesia, China and India.

The titles of his opening and closing chapters, “The Spiritually Historic Hour in the East” and “Immature Christianity in the Meeting between East and West”, demonstrate the depth and pertinence of this work, which presents a penetrating and original study of the development and place of Christianity in the East.

The author was a recognised leader in German missionary circles. His wide experience and acute observation animate this discussion of the place of the Church in the life of the community, especially as this community became more influenced by the sway of Western civilisation.

Freytag’s emphasis on the importance of the Church is in full keeping with the best missionary thought of his day, and his studies were lauded by the International Missionary Council. Although this title is intended primarily for missionary students and leaders and those studying anthropology, much of it is of general interest.

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About the Author

Walter Freytag was an Honorary Professor of the University of Hamburg and was editor of the Evangelische Missions-Zeitschrift.


Foreword by Dr William Paton
Author’s Preface (to the German Edition)

I. The Spiritually Historic Hour in the East
II. People, Civilization and Christianity of New Guinea
     (a) The Two National Crises
     (b) Native Christianity
III. Christianity and the Transformation of Civilization in the Netherlands East Indies
     (a) The Four Streams of Foreign Influence
     (b) The Effect of the Past, Disintegration and Transmutation
     (c) The Christianity of Indonesia
     (d) The Chinese in Dutch East India
IV. The Rebirth of China and Chinese Christianity
     (a) China as a Unit
     (b) Collapse and Revolt
     (c) Chinese Christianity
V. Christianity in the Disintegration of India
     (a) The Primeval Forest of Religions
     (b) Political, Social and Spiritual Disintegration
     (c) Indian Christianity
VI. Civilizations, Nations in the Making, and the Question of Religion
     (a) The ‘Things’ of the West, the Destruction of Social Forms, and the Vanishing of Religious Ties
     (b) Nations in the Making
     (c) The Open Question
VII. Immature Christianity in the Meeting Between East and West
     (a) The New Faith
     (b) The Emergence of Native Churches: The Three Formative Factors
     (c) The Western Restrictions of the Message and their Consequences in the Construction of the Church
     (d) The Heathen Restriction of Nationality and its Effects on Christianity
     (e) The Spirit Breaks Through
     (f) The Church Among the People
     (g) The Obedience of Faith