The Social Scientific Study of Religion: A Method for Constructive Theology

By Paul Chung

An overview of social scientific accounts of religion, providing a model for comparative theology.

ISBN: 9780227177662


In this study, Paul S. Chung charts the history of social scientific study of religion from the axial age to the present day, and thereby lays a foundation for a new model of constructive theology in the comparative study of religion, culture and society. Analysing the thought of Max Weber, Alfred Schutz, Pierre Bourdieu, Michel Foucault, Edmund Husserl, Max Horkheimer and others, Chung deals effectively with material interests, power relations and the history of race, gender and sexuality. The result is a synthesis that is at once innovative, critical, and applicable to current methodology in theology and the social sciences.

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About the Author

Paul S. Chung is distinguished professor in systematic theology and interreligious study at Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He has previously taught at the Graduate Theological Union, Wartburg Theological Seminary, and Luther Seminary. His previous publications include Comparative Theology among Multiple Modernities and Critical Theory and Political Theology: The Aftermath of Enlightenment.