A Rebel Saint: Baptist Wriothesley Noel, 1798-1873

By Philip D. Hill

A comprehensive study of the life and thought of an influential Anglican and Baptist minister.

ISBN: 9780227177617


Baptist Noel (1798-1873) has been described by the American Evangelical Anglican historian Grayson Carter as a towering figure in nineteenth-century Evangelicalism, but he has been written out of its story because he was a saintly rebel who counted a good conscience more valuable than a good standing. This ultimately led him to abandon his glittering Anglican career and aristocratic family to become a Baptist minister.

A Rebel Saint is a comprehensive study of Noel’s life, work and thought, correcting the neglect of his remarkable Anglican and Baptist ministries and his many years of prominence in Evangelical life. Philip Hill ably illustrates his influence on issues including the Irvingite controversy, the opposition to the Tractarian movement, and Evangelical ecumenism, and explains his centrality in the establishment of the Evangelical Alliance and the London City Mission. Scholars of Evangelical history will greatly value this account of a pivotal figure, while all will be inspired by his story of sacrifice of fame and fortune for the sake of obeying religious conscience.

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About the Author

Rev Dr Philip D Hill is a retired Baptist minister, missionary and theological college teacher, and was from 2013 to 2018 Pastoral Dean at Union School of Theology in Bridgend. Although his ministry has been mainly in the Baptist Union, he describes himself as a traditional Calvinist and admirer of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones. His previous publications include Church of the Third Millenium and The Baptist Revival Fellowship.


1. Introduction
2. ‘Everyone Had a Noel Cousin’ (his family and upbringing)
3. ‘The Most Popular of Epistolian Ministers’ (Noel’s Anglican Ministry)
4. ‘Immersed in the Dark Pool of Baptist Chapel’ (Noel’s Secession and Baptist Ministry)
5. ‘That Revered Man of God’ (Noel’s Wider Ministry and Last Years)
6. ‘A Knowledge that Leads to Genuine Piety’ (Noel’s Theological and Political Convictions)
7. Conclusions