Peace Together: A Vision of Christian Pacifism

By Clive Barrett (editor)

Essays on peace and pacifism by distinguished Christians, showing that peace is not always the easy option but calls for the radical acceptance of the gospel message of Christ.

ISBN: 9780227678930

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In a world threatened by nuclear war, peace must be the goal we strive for. In this wide-ranging book of essays from distinguished Christians we see that peace is not the easy option but calls for the radical acceptance in our hearts of the gospel message of Christ. In this uncompromising book the writers discuss the biblical perspectives on peace, the tradition of pacifism in the Early Church and how pacifism can and must affect the core of our lives in the world today.

Peace Together celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship.

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About the Author

Clive Barrett is a priest in Yorkshire, and is a member of the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship.

The contributors include George Appleton, John Austin Baker, Clive Barrett, Jenny Barrett, David Bleakley, Barbara Eggleston, John Ferguson, Valerie Flessati, John Gessell, Bruce Kent, Sara Maitland, James O’Connell, Paul Oestreicher, Clare Prangley, Christopher Rowland, Donald Soper and Gordon Wilson.


Notes on the Contributors
Introduction / Clive Barrett

Part 1: The Foundations
1. The Meaning of Peace / Christopher Rowland
2. The Biblical Basis of Pacifism / John Ferguson
3. The Orthodoxy of Pacifism / Clive Barrett
4. The New Covenant and the Kingdom of God / Gordon Wilson
5. Praying for Peace / George Appleton

Part 2: Pacifism and Conflict
6. Peace and Justice / Paul Oestreicher
7. Christian Peacemaking: Lessons from Ireland / David Bleakley
8. The Episcopal Peace Fellowship: A Personal Perspective / John M. Gessell
9. Pacifism and the Nuclear Debate / Bruce Kent
10. Women’s Perspectives on War and Peace / Valerie Flessati and Clare Prangley

Part 3: Changing the World
11. Non-violent Direct Action / Barbara Eggleston
12. Answering Questions / Donald Soper
13. Breaking barriers Between Nations: International Workcamps / Jenny Barrett
14. Learning About Peace: Schools and Curricula / James O’Connell
15. Changing the Established Church / John Austin Baker

Part 4: A Glimpse of Heaven
16. Angelic Interlude / Sara Maitland

Part 5: Conclusion
17. Peace at the Last / Clive Barrett

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