The Original Jesus

By Otto Borchert

A classic work presenting a living portrait of Jesus as found in the Gospels.

ISBN: 9780227172308


“The man who invented it would be more astonished than its hero.” The author quotes these words from Rousseau as an indication of his purpose, which is to make credible the portrait of Jesus as it is presented to us in the Gospels.

In this classic work Borchert presents a living portrait of Jesus as found in the Gospels, eloquently countering the criticism and scepticism surrounding his life. Both Jesus’ critics and those who testify to the beauty of Jesus’ life agree on his uniqueness, for he defies all the categories of humanity. Borchert considers Jesus’ relationship with God, mankind, the natural world and the miracles and examines the reactions to the person of Jesus throughout history.

To see Jesus as the Gospels portray him is to be confronted with the challenge to accept him as the human manifestation of the Father: “We cannot make any mistake about God after we have known Jesus.”

Translated by L.M. Stalker.

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About the Author

Dr. Otto Borchert studied at Leipzig, Halle and Wittenberg. He was Pastor and Inspector of Schools, Westerhausen, Hanover. Otto Borchert is also the author of Der Tod Jesu Im Lichte Seiner Eigenen Worte und Taten.


Editor’s Preface

Book One: The Foolishness in the Picture of Jesus: Its Value in the Scientific Defence of Christianity

Introduction: The Development of the Theme

Part I. Direct Proof of the Offence in the Life-Story of Jesus
Part II. The Stumbling-Block Characteristics in Jesus: The Various Reactions
Part III. The Results of the Offence Apparent in the Picture

Book Two: The Beauty of the Picture: The Glory of Jesus Exhibited Anew to Scorners and Admirers

Preface to the First Edition
Preface to the Second and Third Editions
Introduction: The Development of the Theme

Part I. In the Outer Court: The Natural Endowments of Jesus
Part II. In the Holy Place: The Religious and Moral Personality of Jesus
Part III. In the Holy of Holies: The Mystery of Jesus’ Personality: Jesus Our Lord

Appendix to Chapter II (Bk 1, Pt 1), Two Passions
General Index
Scripture Index


Endorsements and Reviews

We advise all who can to read this stimulating contribution to the study of Our Lord’s life … It is reverent in thought, quite modern in its treatment, and entirely faithful to the Scriptures.
The Churchman

The book is for ‘everyman’, though scholars and literary men will be the first to appreciate the choice diction and wealth of reference and knowledge the author has at his service.
British Weekly