The Old Testament Since the Reformation

By Emil G. Kraeling

A study of the issues raised by the Old Testament for Christian faith and the Church, and a survey of attitude to the Old Testament since the Reformation.

ISBN: 9780227170946


The Old Testament raises far-reaching issues for the Christian faith. In his valuable historical study Kraeling surveys Christian attitudes to the Old Testament since the Reformation. He offers with scholarly precision and thoroughness an overview of the arguments and attitudes revealed in the massive debates on the Old Testament which have wracked Christendom during the last five centuries. He shows the reactions of Christian scholars to the Old Testament and how these affected the attitude of the Church. This book offers the general reader as well as the Bible student an understanding of the role of the Old Testament in the life of the Church and in Biblical scholarship. It also reveals the profound impact of the Old Testament on the understanding of the New.

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About the Author

Dr. Emil Kraeling was formerly Professor at Union Theological Seminary, New York (USA).



1. Luther and the Old Testament
2. Zwingli and Calvin and the Old Testament
3. The Old Testament from the Reformation to the Middle of the Seventeenth Century
4. The Reaction Against the Orthodox View of the Old Testament
5. Schleiermacher and the Old Testament
6. The Old Testament in Nineteenth Century Theological Thought Before Ritschl
7. The Transition to the Modern Situation
8. The Old Testament in Systematic Theology Since Ritschl
9. The Apologetic of Biblical Scholars
10. Harnack and Delitzsch
11. Systematic Theology and the Old Testament After 1918
12. Apologetic of the ‘Twenties and ‘Thirties
13. The Revival of the New Testament Approach
14. The Old Testament and the Existential Question
15. The Old Testament as Antithesis to Christianity
16. Recent Discussions
17. Towards a Biblical Theology?

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Index of Names
Index of Scripture Passages