Law and Religion: Essays on the Place of the Law in Israel and Early Christianity

By Barnabas Lindars (editor)

Thirteen essays on the relationship between law and religion in Ancient Israel, Second Temple Judaism, and the Pauline and Apostolic Traditions.

ISBN: 9780227178966


The place of the Law and its relationship to religious observance and faith is a contested topic in the study of both the Old and New Testament. In Law and Religion, members of the Erhardt Seminar group provide an insight into the debate, probing key topics and offering new contributions to the subject. Their essays are grouped into three sections, focussing in turn on the Law’s place in Israelite religion, in the Jesus tradition, and in Paul and the Apostolic tradition.

Thus, the foundation of the connection between law and religion in ancient Israel is explored, along with the decisive influence of the Deuteronomic reform and the radical new understanding now emerging of the later development in Judaism of the New Testament Period. So, also, the contemporary challenge to the conventional picture of Jesus and the Law is addressed, the attitude of Paul is shown in new light, and post-Pauline developments are examined. Readers will find in this symposium a refreshing breadth of opinion on a debate that spans the gamut of disciplines within Biblical studies.

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About the Author

Barnabas Lindars SSF (1923-1991) was a New Testament scholar, Anglican priest and Franciscan friar. He taught at the University of Cambridge, and was later Rylands Professor of Biblica Criticism and Exegesis at the University of Manchester. His publications include The Theology of the Letter to the Hebrews and Behind the Fourth Gospel.
Contributors: Philip S. Alexander, Arnold A. Anderson, Richard Bauckham, George Brooke, F.F. Bruce, Adrian Curtis, Gerald Downing, Martin Kitchen, Barnabas Lindars, Roger Tomes, Christopher Tuckett