Jesus and the Son of Man

By A.J.B. Higgins

A study of the tension between early Christian belief and Jesus’s teaching, and the question of how that teaching is reflected in the Gospel record.

ISBN: 9780227172223


Reissued after many years, this is an important contribution to the debate about the relationship between early Christian belief about Jesus and Jesus’ own teaching, and the problem that the Gospels, while professing to record the teaching of Jesus do so through the eyes of early Christians.

The study underlines the questions over the authenticity of the Gospel references to Jesus as the Son of Man and how the early church understood the concept.

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About the Author

Angus Higgins was Senior Lecturer in New Testament Language and Literature at the University of Leeds.



1. Introduction
2. The Son of Man in Mark
3. The Son of Man in Luke
4. The Son of Man in Matthew
5. The Son of Man in Q
6. The Son of Man Elsewhere than in the Gospels
7. The Son of Man in the Fourth Gospel
8. Jesus and the Son of Man

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Index of References