Ignatian Mysticism: Exploring the Spiritual Exercises

By Stephen J. Costello

An exploration of the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola, as well as an opportunity for readers to reflect on and interpret for themselves this Ignation spirituality

ISBN: 9780227180211


This work explores the influential Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola, the sixteenth-century Spanish soldier, saint, mystic, and founder of the Jesuit Order. The Ignatian Exercises, including the Examen, are brought into dialogue with the psychologies of C.G. Jung and Viktor Frankl, the philosophies of Eric Voegelin and Bernard Lonergan, as well as the thought of Teilhard de Chardin, von Balthasar, and Eastern philosophy. Their enduring relevance and implications for the Recovery and wellness movement are also articulated.

Drawing on key themes such as gratitude, forgiveness and consciousness as a springboard for reflection and interpretation, the mystical dimension of Ignatian spirituality is emphasised throughout. This book will benefit the beginner, serious scholar, spiritual seeker and anyone intent on gaining an understanding of this unique ‘way of proceeding’.

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About the Author

Dr Stephen J. Costello, MA, PhD is an acclaimed philosopher, practising analyst, Enneagram coach, the author of fifteen books, and the founder-director of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland. He leads retreats in Ignatian spirituality and seminars in the areas of leadership, decision-making, communication, and meaning at work both nationally and internationally. Dr Costello has addressed two parliaments on the issues of human rights and mental health. Dr Costello’s website is www.stephenjcostello.com