Groundless Gods: The Theological Prospects of Post-Metaphysical Thought

By Hartmut von Sass and Eric E. Hall (editors)

An anthology of essays that explores the intriguing possibilities of a theology that transcends traditional metaphysical forms of discourse.

ISBN: 9780227174982


Groundless Gods deals with possible interpretations of an emerging interest in contemporary theology: post-metaphysical theology. The authors grapple with what metaphysics and post-metaphysics imply, and also with what it could mean to write theology from the standpoint of the non-metaphysician. The book asks, for instance, whether this world has any singular definition, and whether God is some being standing apart from the world or an experience within the world.

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About the Author

Eric E. Hall is Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Carroll College in Helena, MT. He has contributed to a number of collected volumes, including an upcoming Festschrift for Ingolf Dalferth and Rorty and the Religious.

Hartmut von Sass has a fixed-term, full chair in Theological Ethics at the University of Kiel, Germany and is Associate Fellow at the Collegium Helveticum in Zurich. He has edited a number of books: in English, The Contemplative Spirit (2010); and, in German, Hermeneutik des Vergleichs (2011) and Stille Tropen (2013). Von Sass is also the author of Sprachspiele des Glaubens (2010) and Gott Als Ereignis Des Seins (2013).


List of Contributors

Metaphysics, Its Critique, and Post-Metaphysical Theology: An Introductory Essay
     Hartmut von Sass and Eric E. Hall

Part I: The Concept of Post-Metaphysics
1. Theology without Metaphysics?
     Kevin Hart
2. How Much Metaphysics Can Theology Tolerate?
     George Pattison
3. Can Christian Theologians Reason Post-Metaphysically? Jürgen Habermas and the Semblance of Intellectual Virtue
     Jacob L. Goodson

Part II: Essays in Post-Metaphysical Theology
4. Two Varieties of Active Unbelief
     Michael Rodgers
5. Simone Weil – A Postmetaphysical Thinker? Some Reflections on How to Interpret Her Work
     Nina Heinsohn
6. Disclosure and Disruption: Charles Taylor’s Post-Metaphysical Philosophy of Religion
     Zane Yi
7. Messianic Events: From Critical Deconstruction to Loving Critique
     Eric E. Hall
8. Faith and Being: Hermeneutical Theology as Post-Metaphysical Enterprise
     Hartmut von Sass

Part III: Theology and Its Metaphysical “Revival”?
9. Theology and Metaphysics: Friends, Rivals, or Enemies? Spotlights on Albrecht Ritschl’s Struggle with Metaphysics
     Matthias Neugebauer
10. On the Possibility of a Metaphysical Theology after Onto-Theology
     Asle Eikrem
11. Revelation and Resistance: On Phenomenology as Metaphysics in Charles Sanders Peirce and Hermann Deuser
     Thomas Wabel


Endorsements and Reviews

The concept of an end of metaphysics belongs to the most influential as well as controversial ideas of 20th-century philosophy, with repercussions in related fields such as theology. This timely and wellconceived volume offers essential guidance in current debates and their intellectual backgrounds.
Johannes Zachhuber, Trinity College, Oxford

Von Sass and Hall have assembled a powerful group of established and emerging philosophical theologians from Europe and North America. This book boldly addresses a faith that is freed from its traditional ‘man-behind-the-curtain’ metaphysics. As theology moves into a postmetaphysical age in order to account for 21st-century religious praxis, this anthology leads the way.
Brad Elliott Stone, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA