The Foundations of New Testament Christology

By R.H. Fuller

A comprehensive and thorough survey of the place of Christ in Christian experience, confession and belief, based on the insights of international scholarship.

ISBN: 9780227170762


The doctrine of the person of Jesus Christ must always stand central to the Christian faith. “It was because he was who he was that Jesus Christ did what he did,” says Fuller in the opening sentences of this massive, learned and important survey of the place of Christ in Christian experience, confession and belief. As Fuller sees it: “the Church’s Christology was a response to its total encounter with Jesus, not only in his earthly history but also in the Church’s continuing life.”

The Author shows the continuity between the historical Jesus and the witness and message of the post-resurrection church. Fuller explores how this has been obscured in New Testament scholarship. But at the same time he applies the vigorous ‘traditio-historical’ criticism which yields many positive results as seen in this book of first-class scholarship.

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About the Author

Professor Reginald Horace Fuller was Professor of New Testament Literature and Language at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, Evanston (Illinois, USA).


Preface to the 2002 Reprint

I. The Approach to New Testament Christology
II. The Tools: (1) Palestinian Judaism
III. The Tools: (2) Hellenistic Judaism
IV. The Tools: (3) Hellenistic Gentile
V. The Historical Jesus: His Self-understanding
VI. The Kerygma of the Earliest Church: the Two Foci Christology
VII. The Hellenistic Jewish Mission: the Two Stage Christology
VIII. The Hellenistic Gentile Mission: the Three Stage Christology
IX. Building on the Foundations

Index of Scripture References
Index of Ancient Authors
Index of Modern Authors