The Early Evangelicals: A Religious and Social Study

By Leonard Elliott-Binns

A major study of 18th-century English evangelicalism, showing the differences between Anglican evangelicalism and the Methodism of the Wesleys and Whitefield.

ISBN: 9780227171042


A major treatment of the early history of the Evangelical Movement in the Church of England in the eighteenth century, showing how evangelicalism was distinct from the Methodist revival under Wesley and Whitefield. The author calls it ‘A religious and social study’, placing the movement in its historical setting and taking note especially of the influences which affected it.

The book offers a valuable contribution to the study of evangelicalism and the relationship between Anglicanism and Nonconformity.

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About the Author

Reverend Leonard Elliott Elliott-Binns was educated at Manchester Grammar School, Emmanuel College and Ridley College (Cambridge). He worked as chaplain (Ridley Hall), curate (Plymouth), vicar (Plymouth, Davenport, West Ham), dean (West Ham) and also as canon (Truro).



1. Introduction
2. Political Conditions
3. Social and Economic Conditions
4. The Intellectual and Educational Background
5. Literature and Art
6. Religion in the Early Eighteenth Century
7. Revival Movements: Lady Huntingdon
8. The Pioneers
9. Development in a Changing World
10. The Growth of Opposition
11. The Calvinist Controversy
12. The Separations
13. Local Expansion: London
14. The South-Eastern Counties
15. The Eastern Counties
16. The Midlands
17. The North
18. The West
19. Evangelicalism in the Universities
20. Evangelical Methods
21. Evangelical Doctrines
22. The Literature of the Movement
23. The Evangelical Achievement
24. The Position at 1789