Diverse and Creative Voices: Theological Essays from the Majority World

By Sung Wook Chung and Dieumeme Noelliste (editors)

Essays by theologians from the Majority World that share a diversity of insights into Christian faith, developed from their own cultural perspectives.

ISBN: 9780227175460


As the twentieth century passed its midpoint and was rushing toward its end, a growing number of Majority World theologians came to realize that they could in fact do theology in their own contexts for the benefit of their own people. Thus, from the 1960s onward, theologians in the global South have embarked on a form of theological construction that has sometimes been described as “contextual” reflection or “contextualized theology”.

This volume is motivated by the conviction that these efforts have resulted in theological work that is also beneficial for Christians in other parts of the world. The editors have invited Majority World theologians to share their reflections on several themes of Christian faith from their own socio-historical perspectives but with an unswerving commitment to the authority of Scripture. It is hoped that these fresh reflections will help Christians in the West to engage and benefit from the perspectives of fellow believers in the global South.

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About the Author

Dieumeme Noelliste (PhD, Northwestern University) from Haiti is Professor of Theological Ethics, Director of the Vernon Grounds Institute of Public Ethics at Denver Seminary, and Adjunct Professor of Theology at the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology, Kingston Jamaica.

Sung Wook Chung (DPhil, Oxford University) from South Korea is Professor of Christian Theology, Director of Korean Initiatives at Denver Seminary, and Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology at several theological seminaries in South Korea, China, and Indonesia.


List of Contributors
Foreword by Samuel Escobar


Part 1: God and Humanity
1. God and Humanity in African Religious Beliefs and Christianity
     Abel Ndj√©rareou
2. God and Humanity in Islam and Christianity
     Ng Kam Weng
3. The Self-Revealing God and the Human Predicament
     Burchell Taylor

Part 2: Christ and Salvation
4. Redeemer and Transformer: The Relevance of Christ for China’s Cultural Renewal and Liberation
     Carver Yu
5. Christ and Liberation: Toward a Messianic Christology for a Postcolonial Society
     Delano Palmer and Dieumeme Noelliste
6. The Promise of a Trinitarian Christology for the Latin American Evangelical Church
     David del Salto

Part 3: The Holy Spirit and The Church
7. The Church as Pneumatic Community: Toward an Ecclesiology for the African Context
     Isaac Zokou√©
8. The Church as Liberated and Liberating Community: A Primer for a Latin American Ecclesiology.
     Dario Lopez

Part 4: Eschatology and Mission
9. An Eschatologically Driven Missiology for Holistic Engagement with African Realities
     Abel Ngarsoulede
10. Prophecy and Preaching in the Last Days in John’s Revelation: A Reflection on the Ministry
     and Mission of the Church in South-East Asia
     Tony Siew
11. Sino-Theology: Recapitulation and Prospect
     Wu Dongri and Chen Yuehua



Endorsements and Reviews

This is a brilliant collection of refreshingly creative global reflections on systematic theology. It leads the readers to a new theological vista with a much wider and richer panorama of God’s work with his image-bearers. The studies are deeply rooted in various life-realities to make theologies relevant and useful. The book even comes with a courageous suspicion that the traditional western systematic theology may have outgrown the scriptural evidence. This book will definitely trigger much debate and you will want to be part of it.
Wonsuk Ma, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

The contributors to this volume collectively offer a set of fresh theological voices from the majority world.
Da Qin, in The Expository Times, Vol 128, No 10