The Cross and the Eternal Order: A Study of Atonement in its Cosmic Significance

By Henry William Clark

A study of the doctrine of the Atonement from an Evangelical perspective.

ISBN: 9780227170649


A major study of the doctrine of the Atonement from an Evangelical perspective, showing its theological and historical significance. The author explores the views of patristic, medieval, Reformation and modern theologians, but the whole work is based on a profoundly Biblical understanding. At the same time it reconciles theological and philosophical thinking in such a way that both receive and exercise their full rights. The Christian view of the world-order is shown as providing the final fact of the eternal order when God shall be seen as all in all.

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About the Author

Henry William Clark educated at University College School and Hackney Theological College. He worked as Sixth Form Master at St George’s School, Harpenden and was Head Master of St John’s School, Broxbourne. He was a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

He is also the author of: The Philosophy of Christian Experience (1906), The Christian Method of Ethics (1908), Liberal Orthodoxy (1914) and Short History of the British Empire (1935)


Foreword by Professor C.H. Dodd

I. The Standpoint
II. God’s Problem in Redemption
III. Can God Forgive as Man Forgives?
IV. The Life-Dynamic in Christ
V. Cross and Resurrection
VI. Christus Creator: Christus Redemptor
VII. “By the Faith of the Son of God”
VIII. Divine Wrath and Pardon
IX. The Eternal Order

Index of Authors Quoted or Alluded To
Index of Scripture Texts