Coverdale and his Bibles

By J.F. Mozley

A review of the life and work of Miles Coverdale, the reformer and translator who issued the first printed English translation of the complete Bible in 1535.

ISBN: 9780227172384


How the Bible came to be translated into English makes a fascinating chapter in our national history. Second only to William Tyndale in that story stands Miles Coverdale who, in 1535, issued the first printed English translation of the complete Bible.

J.F. Mozley thoroughly reviews the life and works of the translator, which were of enormous importance in the spread of the Reformation in Europe, and focuses in particular on his versions of the Bible. Dr. Mozley makes full use of the churchwardens’ accounts to trace the spread of Coverdale’s English Bible to churches throughout Britain.

Coverdale appears as a man worthy of honour, not only among Bible translators, but among the English Reformers as well.

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About the Author

J.F. Mozley was a specialist in the history of the English Reformation, particularly on its biblical side. Both his previous books on Tyndale and John Foxe were well received. The University of Oxford conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Divinity.


Select List of Books

1. The Life of Coverdale
2. Between Tyndale and Coverdale
3. The Campensis Psalter
4. The Making of the Coverdale Bible
5. The Text of the Coverdale Bible
6. The Coverdale Bible in England
7. The Matthew Bible Appears
8. The Matthew Bible Described
9. The Matthew Bible in England
10. The Coverdale Diglots
11. The Making of the Great Bible
12. The Great Bible Described
13. The Great Bible in England Under Henry VIII
14. The Great Bible Under Edward VI and Mary
15. Conclusion

A. Three Letters of Coverdale
B. A Letter of Rogers
C. A Letter of Anne de Montmorency
D. Extracts from Nicolas Thomae’s Letters
E. Coverdale’s Works
F. The New Testament Concordance
G. Joye’s Works
H. The List of Books in Foxe, V, 566
I. The Taverner Bible

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