The Condition of the Christian Philosopher

By Roger Mehl

One of the most important texts illuminating the complex relationship between theology and philosophy.

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In The Condition of the Christian Philosopher, Mehl sympathetically examines the key aspects of the dialogue between Christianity and philosophy, commenting on Christian dogmatics and metaphysical experience, and on the perceived tension between reason and faith. He concludes that an understanding of Revelation cannot be submitted to any philosophical principle of interpretation, although the Christian philosopher still has a role to play in renewing fruitful philosophical reflection.

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About the Author

Dr Roger Mehl is Professor of the Reformed Church in the Faculty of Theology in the University of Strasbourg, where he teaches theology and philosophy of religion. He has written several books on ethics and is generally regarded as the premier theologian of the non-Romans in France. His main area of study are the relations of theology and philosophy. Dr Mehl has worked extensively for the World Council of Churches.


1. The Problem
2. The Christian Concept of Truth
3. Metaphysical Experience and Christian Dogmatics
4. Understanding Revelation
5. The Renewing of the Mind
6. The Dialogue Between the Theologian and the Philosopher

Conclusion: The Difficult Condition of the Christian Philosopher


Endorsements and Reviews

His book, learned and trenchant, is a frontal attack on ‘idealistic’ and ‘ethical’ religion. … The book is well presented and ably argued.
British Weekly

To read this book is almost an obligation to the philosopher who is a Christian … abounds in provocative obiter dicta and contains many passages of remarkable insight.
Scottish Journal of Theology