Communion with the Triune God: The Trinitarian Soteriology of T.F. Torrance

By Dick O. Eugenio

An insightful study of the role of the doctrine of salvation in the thought of the Scottish theologian T.F. Torrance, highlighting his Trinitarian soteriology.

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The revival of Trinitarian studies in the twentieth century ushered in a new era of theological innovation. The renewed and dedicated articulation of the Trinity as a doctrine in its own right is indeed noteworthy, but more important and praiseworthy are the recent endeavours of theologians to integrate the doctrine of the Trinity with other Christian doctrines and with the many variegated aspects of the life and ministries of the church. Today, it is common to encounter the term “Trinitarian” being used as a modifier: Trinitarian worship, Trinitarian ecclesiology, etc. This book presents Thomas F. Torrance as a participant theologian in this integrative paradigm. Because Torrance argues that the Trinity is “the ground and grammar of theology”, his doctrine of salvation is consistently Trinitarian. But how did he formulate his unique Trinitarian soteriology? Communion with the Triune God seeks to answer this question.

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About the Author

Dick O. Eugenio (PhD, University of Manchester) is Assistant Professor of Theology at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary in the Philippines.


Foreword by T.A. Noble


1. Scientific, Evangelical, and Trinitarian Soteriology
2. The Grace of Our Lord Jesus
3. The Love of God the Father
4. The Communion of the Holy Spirit
5. Communion with the Triune God

Summary and Conclusions



Endorsements and Reviews

In this erudite and thought-provoking work, Dick Eugenio provides the reader with an impressive articulation of some of the underlying currents of Torrance’s theology, which in the area of soteriology Eugenio elaborates more fully than Torrance did himself. Of particular interest is Eugenio’s consideration of the distinct role of God the Father in the salvific economy, an area that is generally neglected in most studies of soteriology. Essential reading for anyone interested in Torrance, the doctrine of the Trinity, and soteriology.
David R. Law, Professor of Christian Thought and Philosophical Theology, University of Manchester

A masterly survey of Torrance’s deeply evangelical and Trinitarian soteriology. Drawing on extensive reading and a host of golden theological nuggets from his unpublished sermons, this book is a wonderfully comprehensive and compelling account of the salvation that is God in Christ through the Spirit. A book to be treasured, not just for its content and vision, but for the richness of its information and sources.
Robert T. Walker, editor of T.F. Torrance’s Incarnation: Person and Life of Christ and Atonement: Person and Work of Christ

This book is a nice contribution to the interpretation of Torrance’s soteriology, and should be welcomed by theologians and students who study systematic theology.
Bradford McCall, in Theological Book Review, Vol 27, No 2