The Churchmanship of St Cyprian

By G.S.M. Walker

An examination of the use by all parties at the time of the Reformation of Cyprian’s writings to claim him as part of their own particular heritage.

ISBN: 9780227171622


The authority of Cyprian’s name was such that all parties at the time of the Reformation found evidence sufficient to claim him among the creators of their particular heritage. The author shows how the complexity of his ecclesiology enabled this apparent paradox, and the book offers a useful guide both to Cyprian’s thought and to its influence on later writers.

Earlier chapters deal with the North African background; the place of St. Peter among the Apostles and of Rome among the Churches; the collegiality of bishops, the authority of councils and other related topics. The latter part of the book covers the way in which Cyprian’s writings and reputation were used at the time of the Reformation.

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About the Author

Dr. G.S.M. Walker was educated at the Edinburgh Academy and Magdalen College, Oxford. He studied at St. Mary’s, St. Andrews and Magdalene College (Cambridge). He was Parish minister of Resolis (Ross-shire) and lecturer and then senior lecturer in Church History, University of Leeds.


Prefatory Note

I. Cyprian’s Background
II. The Priority of Peter
III. The Collegiality of Bishops
IV. The Church and the Churches
V. The Appeal to Cyprian at the Reformation

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