Christianity in the Modern World: A Study of Religion in a Pluralistic Society

By Ambrose Mong

A sociological and theological study of the unique challenges posed to religion by today’s pluralistic society.

ISBN: 9780227177624


The influence of religion on culture is as strong as ever, but the shape of that influence is unique in today’s pluralistic society. In Christianity in the Modern World, Ambrose Mong examines critically themes of religious commitment and tolerance, attitudes towards other religions, and the sociological aspects of religion and inter-religious dialogue. He provides an overview of factors that challenge traditional religion, from the relationship between monotheistic and polytheistic beliefs to the history of tolerance and intolerance in the church and the future of secularism.

Following the global ethics formulated by the late Hans Küng, Mong also engages with the dialogue between Jürgen Habermas and Joseph Ratzinger to provide an extensive defence of the importance of inter-religious dialogue, with particular relevance to multiple religious belonging in the Asian context. Scholars of world religions will find Mong’s analysis compelling, while students will find his introduction to the historical dialectics underlying many of today’s tensions illuminating.

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About the Author

Revd Dr Ambrose Mong is assistant parish priest at St Andrew’s Church, Hong Kong, and part-time lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His recent publications with James Clarke & Co. include Sino-Vatican Relations: From Denunciation to Dialogue (2019), A Better World Is Possible: An Exploration of Western and Eastern Utopian Visions (2018), Dialogue Derailed: Joseph Ratzinger’s War against Pluralist Theology (2017) and Guns and Gospel: Imperialism and Evangelism in China (2016).