Borderlands of Theology

By Donald Mackinnon

An examination of philosophical, theological, and ethical dilemmas within the Christian faith.

ISBN: 9780227180365


In this reprinted edition of Borderlands of Theology, Donald MacKinnon examines philosophical, theological, and ethical dilemmas, bringing his theological expertise to bear alongside his scientific knowledge. Formulating his estimations through the person of Jesus Christ, he maintains a commitment to the concrete and the actual whilst resolutely believing in the search for truth as meaningful beyond a simple search for facts.

Working on the frontiers where Christian belief and theology are tested, Mackinnon’s work remains relevant today as a consideration of how Christian faith interacts with ethics, philosophy, politics, the philosophy of history, metaphysics, and epistemology. Mackinnon offers wisdom, guidance, and a grounded exploration of theology for all those interested in the intersection between theology, philosophy, and ethics.

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About the Author

Donald MacKinnon (1913 – 1994) was a Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Kebble College, Oxford, and Regius Professor of Moral Philosophy at Aberdeen for thirteen years. He was also Norris-Hulse Professor of Divinity at Cambridge and Fellow of Corpus Christi College from 1960.