Paul’s Pisidian Antioch Speech: (Acts 13)

By John Eifion Morgan-Wynne

A careful study of one of Paul’s most significant evangelistic speeches in the Book of Acts, exploring the structure, sources and theology of the text.

ISBN: 9780227174975


After a review of scholarly work on the speeches in Acts, particularly Paul’s Pisidian Antioch speech, Morgan-Wynne sets Paul’s speech in the context of the first missionary journey and of the rest of Luke-Acts. He analyses structure and Luke’s sources, examining the main theological themes, including the characterisation of God and Jesus, the use of the Old Testament, the place of Israel, and the portrait of Paul that emerges. Finally, the author looks at whether the speech sheds any light on the community for which Luke wrote and the problems it may have been facing.

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About the Author

John Eifion Morgan-Wynne is now retired. He was tutor in New Testament and Dean of Regent’s Park College, Oxford (1965-87) and lecturer in New Testament Greek at the University of Oxford, then Principal of Bristol Baptist College (1987-93). He is the author of Holy Spirit and Religious Experience in Christian Literature ca 90-200 AD and The Cross in the Johannine Writings.



1. Survey of Scholarship from Cadbury to the Present
2. Setting the Context of the Speech
3. The Structure of the Speech
4. Did Luke Use Sources for the Speech?
5. The Theological Emphases of the Speech
6. The Speech and Luke’s Community
7. Summary and Conclusions

Appendix: Other Summaries of Israel’s History
Biblical and Extra Biblical Writings Index
Authors Index


Endorsements and Reviews

A very readable but detailed survey of scholarship on this often ignored speech of Paul, with a judicious study of its teaching and its function in the Lucan account of the early Christian mission.
I. Howard Marshall, University of Aberdeen

John Eifion Morgan-Wynne’s examination of this ‘message of salvation’ in Acts 13 is now the most comprehensive available. Whether or not you agree with every conclusion, you will find this to be a careful treatment of the historical, literary, and theological elements of this important evangelistic speech of Paul’s in Acts, as well as a readable guide through the secondary literature. No stone is left unturned!
Alan J. Thompson, Sydney Missionary and Bible College

John Morgan-Wynne has produced a lucid, schorlarly and systematic analysis of the speech that Luke presents of Paul in Pisidian Antioch on his first journey in Asia Minor (Acts 13). It is the first such study in English for some years and so brings us up to date with all the relevant literature.
Geoffrey Turner, in Heythrop Journal, Vol 57, Issue 4

A welcome volume that contributes to discussion of Luke-Acts, this will be a useful resource for researchers for some time to come.
Peter Doble, in Journal for the Study of the New Testament, Vol 38, No 5