The New Testament Concept of Atonement: The Gospel of the Calvary Event

By H.D. McDonald

A detailed study of the New Testament doctrines of salvation and atonement, showing the importance of Christ’s atonement for man’s redemption.

ISBN: 9780227172421


For the Christian faith, questions relating to God can essentially be viewed as centering around Jesus Christ. This significant work provides an examination of the importance of Christ’s atoning act for man’s redemption, which helped shape God’s relation to humanity and the world.

The author analyses elements which hold crucial meanings and messages for the Christian doctrine of salvation. The first six chapters of the book investigate single terms within the New Testament, such as ‘tree’ or ‘blood’ whose metonymical association with Christ’s redeeming act has often become obscured over time. Various biblical interpretations of the Calvary event are examined in the seventh to thirteenth chapters. The final two chapters analyse the importance of the findings in previous chapters and their implications for Christology.

Detailed research underlies the material throughout this text, in the tradition of Reformed biblical scholarship. Notes are included at the end of each chapter for advice on further reading or tracing sources.

More perhaps even than the phrase ‘the cross’ that of ‘the blood’ encapsulates all that the New Testament signifies by the Calvary event. Not only is the cost of redemption present in the word itself, but also its content.
From Chapter Five

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About the Author

Dr. H.D. McDonald is a former Vice-Principal and Senior Lecturer at the London Bible College, and has spent time as a visiting Professor at a number of institutions in the USA and Canada.


Explanatory Preface
Introduction: The Cruciality of the Cross
Note on the Outline

1. The Cross
2. The Tree
3. The Cup
4. The Death
5. The Blood
6. The Body
7. A Lamb Slain
8. A Passover Celebrated
9. A Covenant Made
10. A Sacrifice Remembered
11. A Ransom Paid
12. A Propitiation Offered
13. A Reconciliation Effected
14. Actual Realisation
15. Christological Implications