New and Old in God’s Revelation: Studies in Relations Between Spirit and Tradition in the Bible

By Benedict Englezakis

Studies in the relationship between spirit and tradition in the bible, combining the insights of Orthodox theology with Western biblical scholarship.

ISBN: 9780227171967


How deeply is new revelation rooted in and bound by old revelation, and how far does the old determine or contain the newness of the new? How does the new grow old, how is the old renewed, and what is the pattern – if any – of this process? In this study of the similarities and, equally important, the differences between older and more novel revelation in the Bible, Englezakis analyses these questions and indicates some of the ways in which answers may be found.

A wide-ranging study which combines much original thought and sound scholarship with a deep spirituality, New and Old in God’s Revelation reflects one of the rare encounters of western Biblical scholarship with eastern Christianity.

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About the Author

Benedict Englezakis is a member of the Cyprus Research Centre. He received his PhD from Cambridge University in 1976. He also holds degrees from Paris and Thessalonica.



Verbum: Introduction

1. Audi Israhel
     The cult and the prophets
     Zion and David
     The new convenant
2. Adventus
     The first Jewish encyclopaedism
     The flowering of apocalyptic
     Until an accredited prophet shall arise
     Textus vivus
3. Ecce
     The synoptic tradition: Matthew

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