Miracles and Revelation

By John Lawton

A study of the role of miracles in the Bible and of how changing concepts of faith and of revelation have altered the understanding of the miraculous.

ISBN: 9780227171806


An important analysis of the theological views on miracle and revelation in the period from the disintegration of the medieval worldview to the twentieth century. The author discusses the authenticity of revelation, its origins, and its importance throughout this period. He discusses the criticisms levied at revelation in a world dominated by scientific study and logic, and traces the developments and progress of the arguments of its adherents.

The author illuminates the theories of the English Deists and their development of modern rationalism, which was to be championed during the Restoration when cynical opinion called for Christianity to be ‘reasonable’ with plain theological arguments. In response, the men behind the Scientific Renaissance argued that the structure of nature as they now perceived it only supported evidence of a divine being, which injected natural theology with a new lease of life.

Lawton establishes the conflict between science and religion early on in this book. He explores the profound effect that these arguments had on the perception of revelation, miracles, and other aspects of Christianity, which relied heavily on faith and were also reappraised unfavourably during this period. He also demonstrates that with regard to life, and revelation in particular, it is a spiritual, not logical response, which is ultimately of value. This book is thoughtfully constructed, and will appeal to scientists and theologians alike, in addition to anyone with an interest in Christian debate.

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About the Author

John Stewart Lawton was sometime Fellow and Chaplain of Selwyn College, Cambridge, and examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Blackburn.

He is also the author of Conflict in Christology: A Study of British and American Christology from 1889-1914 (1947) and Truths that Compelled: Contemporary Implications of Biblical Theology (1968).



1. A New Heaven and a New Earth
2. The Age of English Deism
3. The Dawn of Historical Criticism
4. Christian Evidences
5. The Scientific Interpretation of Nature
6. The Scientific Intrepretation of History
7. The Turn of the Tide
8. Thesis and Antithesis
9. The Re-Building of Apologetics
10. The Re-Interpretation of Miracles
11. The English “Programme of Modernism”
12. Conservative Apologetics and Historical Criticism
13. Exegesis and the Idea of Revelation
14. Philosophy, Science and History
15. Conclusion

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