Meditation and Piety in the Far East

By Karl Ludwig Reichelt

A comprehensive examination by a leading Oriental scholar of the diverse religious traditions of East Asia, including Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and Yoga.

ISBN: 9780227172353


The result of more than forty years of intimate contact with the ‘religious elite’ of the Far East, Dr. Reichelt’s book is a study of a too-often remote and unknown world.

For the western reader this study reveals the life of the East Asia religious communities, their sanctuaries, sacred writings and daily discipline. These non-Christian religions present a massive front of tradition and dogma, which so far the Christian faith has rarely penetrated.

This engaging book is comprehensive in its scope. The author examines the meditation traditions of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and Yoga in detail, drawing on his first-hand experiences. Karl Ludvig Reichelt was one of the few gifted interpreters of the East to the West, who knew the mind of the East Asia religions, and had the respect of their leaders.

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About the Author

Dr. Karl Reichelt of Oslo, who died in 1952, was the greatest non-Buddhist authority on Chinese Buddhism and in 1922 founded the Christian Mission to Buddhists.



Part One: Introductory
1. The Religious “Breaking Through”
2. General Revelation
3. Special Revelation
4. Points of Contact Between the Religions

Part Two: Meditation, The Heartbeat of the East-Asiatic Religions
1. Introductory Remarks About Meditation and Yoga Practices
2. The Buddhist Dhyana Meditation in East Asia
3. Meditation in Original Taoism
4. Meditation in Later Taoism
5. Meditation in Confucianism
6. Mohism in Ancient China

General Index
Index of Scripture Passages