Jesus Through Many Eyes: Introduction to the Theology of the New Testament

By Stephen Neill

A guide to New Testament theology, showing that the multiple depictions of Jesus conceal an underlying unity summed up as Resurrection-Spirit-Reconciliation.

ISBN: 9780227170304


Is there a theology of the New Testament? Stephen Neill shows that arising out of many traditions and interpretations of Jesus even within the New Testament there is an underlying unity of faith summed up in the words Resurrection-Spirit-Reconciliation. This is an ideal introductory textbook for the general reader. Students will be glad of the notes and bibliography so as to pursue more detailed enquiries, and even specialist scholars who are familiar with many of the author’s arguments will be grateful for new insights and interpretations.

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About the Author

Bishop Stephen Charles Neill was Resident Scholar at Wycliff Hall (Oxford) and a Fellow of the British Academy. He has been a fellow of Trinity College (Cambridge) and was Bishop of Tirunelveli in South India. He worked as editor and director for World Christian Books.



1. On Doing New Testament Theology
2. The Earliest Church
3. The Pauline Corpus
4. The Beginning of the Gospel
5. The Tradition of Israel: Matthew, James, Hebrews, Revelation
6. In the Gentile World
7. New Questions and Strange Answers
8. Response to Response
9. What Lies Behind It All?