J. Armitage Robinson: Eccentric, Scholar and Churchman 1858-1933

By T.F. Taylor

Study of a 20th-century British cleric, covering his role in reconciling the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches, and his biblical and historical scholarship.

ISBN: 9780227679135


J. Armitage Robinson was one of the most remarkable and controversial figures of his day. A brilliant scholar, his studies at Cambridge took him from prize-winning classical translation to penetrating analysis of the early gospel traditions and the first sub-apostolic writings. As Dean of Westminster, his combative personality stirred tempers, leading him to move from Westminster to Wells just months before the coronation of Edward VII.

Yet this man, haughty, energetic and highly intelligent, had a gift for popular expositions and was capable of great beneficence. He showed a deep sympathy and understanding towards Roman Catholics, and would pay frequent visits to the monks of Downside. His involvement in the Malines Conversations, which brought to an end centuries of silence and mistrust, demonstrates his prophetic vision of the modern Church.

Robinson was also a meticulous historian of his surroundings, delving into both the architecture and coronation traditions of Westminster, the myths and legends of Glastonbury and the monastic and political life of Somerset. T.F. Taylor’s biography chronicles each aspect of this long and fruitful career with care and enthusiasm.

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About the Author

A member of the Ecclesiastical History Society, the Reverend T F Taylor has examined much archival and anecdotal material in his exploration of the life of a man acknowledge as a ‘hero’ of many modern churchmen. Apart from his first book, A Profest Papist, Taylor has written several articles for Studia Patristica and other religious journals. He is also a keen amateur bookbinder and a collector of foreign playing cards.



1. Beginnings
2. Cambridge
3. Westminster
4. Young Men and old things
5. Strife
6. Wells
7. The Malines Conversations
8. Historian of Wessex
9. His contribution to theology

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