The Holy One of Israel: Studies in the Book of Isaiah

By John N. Oswalt

A selection of writings by an eminent evangelical scholar of the Old Testament, elaborating on the themes and messages present in the Book of Isaiah.

ISBN: 9780227174838


Inspired by the author’s preparation of two major commentaries on Isaiah, these essays range from comprehensive to specific, and from popular to scholarly. They first appeared in biblical dictionaries, scholarly journals, and popular periodicals. Gathered here together for the first time, they display in various ways how the author sees the various parts of Isaiah functioning together to give a coherent message to the church. The opening chapters lay out Oswalt’s understanding of the overall message of the book of Isaiah. Subsequent chapters consider such themes as holiness and righteousness as they function in that larger structure. The concluding chapters look at selected sections of Isaiah in more detail, noting how those specific messages contribute to the overall whole.

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About the Author

John N. Oswalt is Visiting Distinguished Professor of Old Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky. He is the author of nine books, including The Book of Isaiah, Chapters 1-39 (1986), The Book of Isaiah, Chapters 40-66 (1998) and The Bible among the Myths (2009).


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1. The Kerygmatic Structure of the Book of Isaiah
2. The Book of Isaiah: A Short Course in Biblical Theology
3. Judgment and Hope: The Full-Orbed Gospel
4. Holiness in the Book of Isaiah
5. Righteousness in Isaiah: A Study of the Function of Chapters 56-66 in the Present Structure of the Book
6. Isaiah 40-66: Addressed to People during and after the Exile
7. The Mission of Israel to the Nations: Micah and Isaiah
8. The Nations in Isaiah: Friend or Foe; Servant or Partner?
9. God’s Determination to Save His People
10. The Significance of the calmah Prophecy in the Context of Isaiah 7-12
11. Isaiah 24-27: Songs in the Night
12. Isaiah 52:13-53:12: Servant of All
13. Isaiah 60-62: The Glory of the Lord


Endorsements and Reviews

The book of Isaiah is a long and winding road with many twists, turns, and about-faces. What does it all mean? John Oswalt is uniquely qualified to tell us. The Holy One of Israel compiles his reflections from a lifetime of research, and as such, helps readers understand Isaiah’s beauty, majesty, and profound theology.
Reed Lessing, Professor of Exegetical Theology, Concordia Seminary, Missouri

For several decades, the work of Oswalt on Isaiah has commanded the respect of evangelical and mainstream scholars alike. This volume augments Oswalt’s classic commentary with collected essays that offer mature reflection on some of the most crucial themes confronting any student of Isaiah. The reader will discover the careful balance of critical thought and spiritual sensitivity so characteristic of Oswalt’s work.
John W. Hilber, Professor of Old Testament, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, Michigan